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Innovations in automotive technology are focusing on connections; both to other cars and the outside world. Connected cars could bring safety benefits, including lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warnings, and automatic braking. Connected cars can also enhance the driver experience with improved navigation systems and cars that can park -­ and eventually drive - themselves.

Global Automakers' members are committed to exploring ways to improve safety on our highways and believes connected cars have the potential to save thousands of lives each year.

Issues in Action

By John Bozzella, President and CEO

This week, there has been a lot of talk about our country’s ‘infrastructure’.  Much of the conversation is about building and improving our roads, waterways and airports using traditional materials such as concrete, steel and asphalt. However, I want to go a step further and talk about the “smart” use of infrastructure. The reality is that technology – in the form of spectrum, sensors, and algorithms – will be the raw materials for a revolution to provide a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable way of life.


The Association of Global Automakers expressed its support for a proposed rulemaking requiring Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications capability in all new automobiles in comments filed with the Department of Transportation (DOT).


Association of Global Automakers President and CEO John Bozzella provided a statement for the record to the House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection hearing on Driverless Cars: Road to Deployment.


On January 25, Global Automakers submitted a letter to North Dakota's House Industry, Business and Labor Committee in opposition House Bill 1394 which seeks to regulate data ownership in autonomous vehicles.  The letter details Global Automakers concers with the vague language of the bill.


A coalition of automakers, highway safety advocates and intelligent transportation organizations welcome the release of the Department of Transportation’s notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to establish an interoperable platform for Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications in new vehicles to provide safety and mobility benefits. 


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