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  • Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas

    Our member companies are actively engaged in working with EPA, NHTSA, the State of California, and other stakeholders in support of a single national program to harmonize Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and fuel economy standards. We are working with the agencies to implement the new standards for 2012–2016 model year vehicles and recently worked with the administration to develop standards for the 2017-2025 model year. We recognize the importance of addressing climate change and support efforts by public officials to require meaningful reductions in GHG emissions from all sectors of the economy. Our members remain committed to meeting the environmental challenges of the future and believe the path(s) forward must be guided by ensuring adequate lead-time for manufacturers to design and build the type of advanced technology vehicles needed while continuing to provide consumers with a full range of vehicle choices. View Global Automakers’ work related to Fuel Economy/Greenhouse Gas below.

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