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Global Automakers' members help build a dynamic American automobile industry. Thanks to the investments of our members in the U.S., this dynamism is seen in states like Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, California, and Michigan. Our members continue to help the U.S. maintain its leadership and global competitiveness.

Global Automakers support the adoption of free trade policies as it leads to expanded competition and improved consumer choice. The Association advocates for open investment and the removal of trade barriers.

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Issues in Action

By John Bozzella, President and CEO

Last year Alabama-made vehicles were exported to 76 countries around the world. Today, Alabama is the third leading auto-exporting state, trailing only Michigan and South Carolina. This fact may come as a surprise to some. But it highlights how the U.S. auto industry has changed.  

Global Automakers has submitted comments on a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) issued by the Department of Energy (DOE) published December 29, 2015. In the NPRM, the DOE proposes that importers of certain products subject to an energy conservation standard provide, prior to importation, a certification of admissibility to the DOE.

Statement by Paul D. Ryan, Vice President of Trade and Competitiveness, Global Automakers

Washington, DC, February 3, 2016 – “Today’s formal signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement in Auckland, New Zealand, is an encouraging step forward for our nation’s competitiveness. The TPP deal will provide U.S. businesses with new opportunities for growth and consumers with more competitive choices.


Statement by John Bozzella, Global Automakers President and CEO

WASHINGTON, DC, JANUARY 13, 2016 – “The Association of Global Automakers welcomes President Obama’s continued focus on a strong trade policy agenda and the future of U.S. manufacturing in last night’s State of the Union address. We agree with the President that increased investment in these areas will result in greater competition, more jobs, and a stronger national economy.


WASHINGTON, DC, NOVEMBER 5, 2015 – “The Association of Global Automakers (Global Automakers) welcomes the public release of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) text. We are reviewing the details of this agreement and look forward to working with the Administration and Congress as the process moves forward.


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